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Anzu Castle Gracula

Informationen zum Spiel

Entwickler: RainbowCemetery
Herausgeber: itch.io
Mehr Details:Offizielle Website des Spiels
Gebundene Spiele: Open source, QuickBASIC, Self-published

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Press the left and right arrow keys to walk, up and down arrows to climb or descend the stairs. Press Z to jump, X to swing your flail and C to use the secondary weapon.


Was haltet Ihr von Anzu Castle Gracula? Bitte bewerten Sie das Spiel unten auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10, wobei 1 die niedrigste und 10 die höchste Punktzahl ist.

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Anzu Castle Gracula is a full-fledged Castlevania-like platform game written in QuickBasic 4.5. With authentic retro-style graphics, it features an anthropomorphic bird fighting undead in a spooky castle and its surroundings.

Just like in any Metroidvania, gameplay is non-linear and enemies (and items) respawn if you leave and re-enter a visited "room" (screen). Your primary weapon is a metallic chain flail that lets you keep distance from enemies, but you can also collect secondary weapons like throwing daggers for ranged attacks. These require ammo in the form of hears that you can collect by slaying enemies or by breaking certain objects like chandeliers.

It is possible to save the game when near large statues like the one in the starting room. You will then be able to continue playing from that point either from the main menu or if you lose during play.

The game is very well-programmed and plays very smoothly, and generally looks and feels like a commercial game that could've come out sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. It comes with an FM synth soundtrack, and the art has a polished, authentic retro quality to it.

Anzu Castle Gracula is distributed as shareware, but the unregistered version has no limitations. If you download the game from the author's website and donate at least $5 (via the Name your own price option), you will receive the registered version. The source code in QuickBasic 4.5 is freely available.

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