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Entwickler: Platinumware
Herausgeber: Interplay Productions
Mehr Details:MobyGames, Wikipedia

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  • lexi-dem.zip
  • ausführbare Datei: LEXDEM.BAT
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Was haltet Ihr von Lexi-Cross? Bitte bewerten Sie das Spiel unten auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10, wobei 1 die niedrigste und 10 die höchste Punktzahl ist.

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Lexi-Cross simulates a futuristic TV word-guessing gameshow that combines elements from crossword puzzles, the Wheel of Fortune game and Battleship.

Each of the two contestants has a grid-like playing field, which is completely obscured at the start of the game. Players take turns to reveal tiles on their fields, which may contain parts of a crossword-like puzzle, various bonuses or even negative effects.

Players may also choose to guess a letter - a vowel or a consonant - and if guessed right, all occurrences of this letter will be shown in the crossword puzzle. All these actions earn the player extra points.

Separately, there is a word-guessing puzzle, solving which determines the victor of the current round. There is a hint for the puzzle, which gets slowly revealed as the player correctly guesses more letters for the crossword part of the game. Once the player is able to guess the word, the round ends.

Interplay marketed Lexi-Cross is the early-90s, but later discontinued the product. The playable demo, which allows to sample all available game modes, was still available from the Interplay FTP site.

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