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Night of the Hermit

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Night of the Hermit is a Monkey Island fangame built with Chris Jones' Adventure Game Studio (AGS). It casts Herman Toothrot, an NPC from The Secret of Monkey Island, as the protagonist in a zany adventure that makes numerous references to LucasArts games, most notably Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle.

After spending an indefinite time on the remote island, Herman learns that he has inherited some decent property from a deceased relative, but when he arrives to take possession, he learns that it has been already claimed and repurposed as a motel. Herman rents a room, determined to get the mansion back.

The game uses art taken from or stylised after various LucasArts adventures, but also comes with its own optional speech pack (some lines are still missing though). It is a full-fledged adventure, although there are some objects in the game that do not have the entire set of player actions assigned to them: for example, nothing will happen if you look at certain items or try to interact with them. This does not break the game however, and it is playable from start to finish.

Night of the Hermit is full of Easter eggs and references, and originally players were encouraged to look for them and send their findings to the game's author, with the first player to discover any one of the Easter eggs to be mentioned on the game's website. After this contest was over, the complete Easter egg guide was made available from the official site.

Night of the Hermit was released as freeware, and, being a fangame, may be only distributed on a strictly non-commercial basis. It can be played both in DOS and in Windows.

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