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Entwickler: Capstone Software
Herausgeber: Capstone Software
Mehr Details:Offizielle Website des Spiels, MobyGames, Wikipedia
Gebundene Spiele: Build engine

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  • Patch
  • MS-DOS
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Make sure to update the demo to the latest version by applying the patch. Unpack the contents of wtchfix2.zip into the directory where the demo is installed, overwriting files when prompted.

Note that if you play in the 640x480 mode, the HUD will not be visible, making it difficult to keep track of the player's health and armour.


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Witchaven is one of the early games to use Ken Silverman's Build engine, which was made famous by Duke Nukem 3D. Witchaven can be though of as a distant cousin to Hexen: Beyond Heretic or Amulets & Armor. Set in a dark fantasy world, it casts the player as the sole champion to save his land from the forces of evil brought upon it by a malignant sorceress.

The player's arsenal includes a wide array of medieval weaponry, mostly close-ranged like daggers, swords and maces, but also bows. Any weapon will slowly wear down from use, like in The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, and once it breaks you need to find a replacement. There are also various potions and spells, the latter require scrolls to cast. In addition, the player character slowly gains experience and will level up, making this a true action RPG.

The playable demo includes three (slightly modified) levels from the full game, and the player does not have access to some of the weapons, spells and items from the full version.

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